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About us

EURO24 is your reliable partner in express logistics. We are a modern, rapidly growing company that is open to the needs of the market. We deal with transportation and international shipments in Europe and beyond. We specialise in delivering critically urgent freight by land and air at speeds that are not attainable in any traditional way.

Our priorities include the fastest response time and constant exchange of information with the client. Through consistent innovation and improvement of our services, we provide our clients with a sense of security and the certainty that their load is in good hands. We put our best effort to be always one step ahead of the competition when it comes to the standards of orders we fulfil.

In all our activities, we are guided by our motto:

“Make our clients feel exceptional”.


EURO24 brand is your guarantee of fast and safe delivery of international on-time shipments throughout Europe and beyond. We apply an individual approach to the needs of each our clients in order to create a flexible and comprehensive offer of express transport services. We work closely with industries where time is of the utmost importance. Being aware of your high demands, we guarantee the highest quality and professional fulfilment of each and every order in accordance with our top priorities:

  • SPEED – automatic computer-assisted response to enquiries, high vehicle availability and optimal data management ensure the maximum reduction of response times to client’s needs.
  • TIMELINESS – competent and qualified staff using an innovative Transportation Management System (TMS) ensure that orders are fulfilled in a timely manner 24/7.
  • SAFETY – a modern, regularly serviced fleet and a full vehicle insurance package combined with high forwarder’s and carrier’s civil liability insurance policies will make each of our clients feel safe and comfortable.


We are able to guarantee professional service to clients in every industry where a professional, safe and fast delivery of goods is of the essence. Most our services are performed in the following sectors:

  • automotive
  • aviation
  • energy
  • high-tech
  • clothing
  • furniture

Scope of Services

We offer a full scope of services in the field of express transportation. Our main specialisations include:

  • express road transport
  • critical transport
  • charters
  • courier on board
  • Aircraft On the Ground (AOG)
  • air transport
  • transport of exhibition stands (lift-equipped vehicles)
  • transport of dangerous goods (ADR)
  • customs clearance.(ADR)
  • we also develop and perform continuous projects aimed at cost optimisation in the logistics supply chain.

Quality warranty

Gaining the client’s trust and satisfaction is fundamental to the proper functioning of a professional company. Being aware of this fact, we always keep our commitments and constantly ensure the highest level of service.

  • ISO 9001:2008 certificate
  • necessary licenses
  • full vehicle insurance package
  • forwarder’s civil liability insurance to the amount of EUR 5 million (Lutz Assekuranz Maklergesellschaft m.b.H)
  • carrier’s civil liability insurance to the amount of EUR 1 million (Lutz Assekuranz Maklergesellschaft m.b.H)
  • 24-hour shipment monitoring system (Euro24online)
  • competent and qualified staff – we work only with professionals
  • delivery reporting system
Certyfikat DEKRA

The fleet

What distinguishes us from other companies is our large fleet consisting of 200 vehicles, supported by an extensive network of proven partners and subcontractors where necessary. This gives us constant access to approx. 500 vehicles. In this way, we are able to provide you with instant logistics solutions anywhere in Europe, offering a wide range of means of transport adapted to your individual needs – from small vans to double-manned 24-ton tractor trailers equipped with lifts. These vehicles are modern and regularly serviced and meet the stringent Euro5 and Euro6 emission standards.

Vehicle equipment

In addition to the standard GPS system, all our vehicles are equipped with TERMINAL EURO24, a technologically advanced system which enables the automatic on-line exchange of information between the office and drivers by means of a modern communication panel.

We can monitor and coordinate all of the driver’s activities step by step at every stage of the order while ensuring the smooth flow of information to the client. In addition, our TERMINAL is equipped with a high-performance scanner so that we can send the shipping documents in optimum quality immediately after the delivery.

Fleet management system

To improve the quality of our service and increase the satisfaction of our clients, we constantly strive to improve. We do this by using modern telematics systems, i.e. solutions that integrate information and communication technologies with transport engineering. This allows us to streamline the entire logistics chain and integrate the operations undertaken in the company. The use of proprietary solutions in EURO24 makes it possible for us to constantly monitor our fleet and gives us access to the wide range of information available in the system. We have the ability to continuously track our vehicles in real-time, maintain constant communication with the drivers and fully coordinate their activities.


EURO24’s many years of experience with our Transport Management System (TMS) combined with the constant analysis of the trends and requirements set by the international express transport industry have enabled us to design our own innovative software for managing all the processes taking place in the course of the performance of our services.

Our programme monitors progress in the fulfilment of each order, facilitates communication between employees and helps us predict most irregularities before they occur. In designing our system, we have aimed to meet the highest requirements while using the simplest solutions available.

We can proudly say that we have achieved our goals. In accordance with the project assumptions, our software is very intuitive, provides quick access to all relevant information, allows free assignment of responsibilities to employees, helps to systematise and automate activities, suggests optimal solutions and does not allow for errors.

Carrier’s zone

We have been in operation on the market since 2007 and have been providing services for major European manufacturers, mainly in the automotive industry, nearly 10 years. Thanks to our high quality of service, which goes hand in hand with our growing number of satisfied clients, we enjoy a constant demand for reliable carriers who help us gradually build a positive image and strengthen the brand of the company.

To our subcontractors, we offer:

  • long-term cooperation with a strong partner
  • flexible terms of cooperation
  • payment periods as short as 5 days
  • effective vehicle management throughout Europe
  • 24-hour help and support for the driver
  • a state-of-the-art communication system with duty status
  • a high number of kilometres

Branch London / United Kingdom

EURO24 Express Delivery LTD
9 Station Parade Uxbridge Road
Ealing Common
W5 3LD London
tel: +44 208 190 0431
e-mail: london@euro24.co

Branch Hanover / Germany

EURO24 Deutschland GmbH
Rotenburger Str. 30
30659 Hannover
tel: +49 511 696 04 888
e-mail: hannover@euro24.co
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Branch Irun / Spain

Avenida Av. Letxumborro 102
Piso 1 – Of.2 –
20305 Irun – Guipuzcoa
tel: +34 608 13 13 31
e-mail: irun@euro24.co
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